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Welcome to Ryan Oil Company! We are a fuel hauling company based in Uniontown, PA


Our team of professional transporters looks forward to helping you with all your fuel needs. 

Today's home heat price

$3.19 for 100-300 gallons

$3.14 for 300 gallon

$3.12 for over 500 gallon


Today's Kerosene price

$3.99 for 100-150 gallon

$3.96 for 300 gallon

$3.92 for over 500 gallon


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100gal minimum for delivery.  Service fee $50.00 if you take less.

ON / OFF Road Diesel Fuel - Kero - Heating Oil


We specialize in delivering fuel to Homes, Business, Farms and the Marcellus Shale Industry


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Ryan Oil Company



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